I don’t normally do politics, especially online but…..

I’ve just got back from voting in the local elections. I always vote, I feel that I should. There has been too much sacrifice in the past to keep this country a free democracy and give me the right to vote for me to not bother.

This time was different though. There were two ballots, one parish council and one county council. Both were filled with candidates from the big political parties, Conservative, Labour and Lib. Dem. Thankfully there were some independents running for the parish council, one in particular who seemed worth my vote, so he got it. As for the county council, for the first time ever, I spoiled my ballot. It felt painful to do it, but after the last few years, regardless of how anyone feels about Brexit and leaving the EU, none of these main parties deserve my vote.

As I said before, a lot of sacrifice has been made by previous generations to keep this country free and democratic, but I’m not sure that the current situation we have is quite what they had in mind. I don’t know what the answer is, but I do think that it’s high time elected officials were held to account on their promises, and that they act with the wants of their electorate in mind. Perhaps political parties should be binned altogether, I just don’t know.

I do know that there are a lot of people who feel the same though and their answer is to just not vote at all. Well, if you are such a person I say this to you, get out and vote. If there’s no one you want to vote for just write NONE in big letters across the ballot. It won’t count in the vote, but it will count in the turnout.

What message does it send not voting? They still win, they still get a seat and your voice is not heard. If you spoil your ballot how does it look then? At the last local elections the turnout was dismal. If everyone voted and two thirds spoiled their ballot, then someone would finally notice.

If there is someone you agree with on the ballot though, vote for them.

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