Douglas Arthur Baxter Clark

You’d think with a name like Douglas Arthur Baxter Clark, this life would be easy to research, but no. Post-war there was no sign of him, though I did find a death index for Bridlington in 1974. I think it was probably him but couldn’t verify it one way or the other. Anyway, this is what I could find and verify.

Douglas Arthur Baxter Clark

Douglas Arthur Baxter Clark was born on the 20th of May 1897 in Beverley, the eighth child of Thomas and Sarah (nee Baxter) Clark. Thomas was a boot and shoe maker originally from Norfolk and married Sarah Baxter of Beverley in 1877. The family lived first in Well Lane before moving to Slee Lane (now known as Sloe Lane), Victoria Terrace, Cartwright Lane and then, in 1911, to Barton House, 28 New Walk, which Sarah ran as a boarding house.

In 1914 Douglas was one of the several members of the Beverley branch of the Church Lad’s Brigade to enlist, along with their commanding officer Neville Hobson, in the East Yorkshire Regiment on the 21st of August 1914. For some reason though Douglas ended up as Private 241759 in the 2/5th Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment. At the time the family was living at 55 Wilbert Lane and Douglas was employed as a furnace boy on the railways. In 1918, after suffering from trench fever, shattered nerves and discharging ears, he was transferred to the Durham Light Infantry as private 376892, having served in France.

Douglas was discharged on the 21st of February 1919 and was awarded the Victory and British War medals.

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