Took A Break

I’ve done quite a bit of writing in the past week. More than I have in a long time in fact. I’m currently finishing that novel I’ve mentioned a few times now, while world building for the next masterpiece.

With that in mind, I’ve given myself a break over the weekend, though I’ve still gone and done something writing related. I needed a notice board as my little desk is getting cluttered with all my notes and highlighters.

I like to keep track of just where my characters are by using a rough map. I thought it might be an idea to stick pins in it too, colour coded for each character/faction.

I found a cheap cork board on Ebay, but my writing space is in my bedroom so I wanted something that looks nice too.

I’ve made odds and ends, such as a wine rack and coat racks, out of old pallet wood before, so thought I’d use up a few bits of scrap wood I had floating around.

I think it looks alright, at least it does the job.

Anyway, back to the writing.

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