Submissions, working-ish, heat and eggs.

Well, just when you think you’re done with world building and plotting, you think of something else to weave into the story. So I’m adjusting my plot to thread another storyline in there which will marry up with the MCs storyline and lead nicely into the second part.

Anyway, I’ve submitted to both last quarter and this quarter of Writer’s of the Future (this quarter’s was the one from the workshop), and I’ve got a couple of short stories out doing the rounds.

I’m close to done with a historical short I’ve been playing around with and within a couple of weeks that world building and plotting should be done and the story started. I’m even thinking of doing a historical novel, though I might see how the short goes first before I put too much effort in.

It does seem though that I’ll still have plenty of time on my hands. Most people are back at work now, but I’m on something called Flexible Furlough, which means I’m doing bits and bobs from home, but not actually going in to work (though I do have a meeting next week, on my birthday of all days).

On the non-writing/work side of things, the plot is looking nice and clean and tidy, things are growing well, though this heat has made a few things bolt. The polytunnel has been getting up to 42C during the day, which is close to the Australian outback (going by my favourite programme at the moment, Outback Opal Hunters), though things are looking pretty good there and all the forthcoming salads might well do my waistline some good.

And finally, the young chooks are starting to lay, well one of them, though she did try to savage me when I picked up her egg. Marens, I’ve discovered, can give you quite a nip, and this was the shy, timid one.

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