Storm Arwen

As seen from the landing window (what the hell is all that?) at 7am on a Saturday morning. So much for a lie in. At first I thought the roof had come off the house (it was early and everything was a bit blurry), then I realised the roof wasn’t plastic.

A load of plastic sheets decided they no longer wanted to be in next door’s garden and threw themselves all over mine instead. A couple even managed to wedge themselves in the tree behind the polytunnel.

Storm Arwen has been and gone. Thankfully I haven’t seen the level of damage that some have in the past week or so, just a small tear in the polytunnel, quickly patched with repair tape, and my electricty is still on. I’m really not sure how some of those sheets didn’t cut right through the polytunnel though.

Anyway, they’re back next door now and, amazingly, none of it put the chickens off laying.

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