Summer Winter Sale

For the whole of July Smashwords are having what they call their Summer Winter Sale, as in it’s Summer here in the northern hemisphere and Winter down under. Most of my books are either 25% or 50% off for the duration, so go take a look, or if you prefer to get books from Barnes and Noble or Apple, then click on the books link above and go to my website instead.

Smashwords Summer Winter Sale

Catching Up

I’ve been out of action just lately. First I injured my shoulder whilst decorating, then ended up in bed for a week with the dreaded flu, the real one that leaves you shaking and aching for weeks.

I am feeling a lot better now though and am busy researching the life of a man called William Bugg. He started off in the East Yorkshire Regiment and ended up in the Royal Engineers. I have no real idea what he did in the war or what happened to him. It certainly didn’t do him much permanent damage as he went on to have at least ten children and probably another who I just can’t seem to find. I’ve found marriages for most of them too, so half of the town will be related to him in the end. I’ll put up his story when I’m done with him.

I’ve also dusted off an unfinished manuscript and, now that the decorating is done, between bouts of research and breaking my back at my allotment, I intend to finish that off too.