WW1 Lives Project

For the past few years I’ve been a volunteer researcher at the East Riding Treasure House in Beverley for their WW1 Lives project. The research focuses solely on the men and women from Beverley and the surrounding area who served in The Great War 1914-1918.

It is all done part time, on an as-you-like-it basis, but the general idea is to use the Treasure House archives facilities as much as possible. Personally I don’t always find the time to get in there amongst the microfiche/film readers so I do a lot of my research online and pin point just what I need to be looking for when I do get the chance.

Usually for our life, as we call each person we research, we are given nothing more to go on than a name and photograph from the newspapers of the time which ended up in a publication called Green’s Almanac. From that we trace all that we can about that person, usually a soldier, and the end result is displayed and published by the Treasure House.

Originally we were supposed to be researching around 400 lives but this quickly expanded to 1000.

Unfortunately this project is due to come to a close this year, but another, as yet undefined, but something to do with criminal ancestors, is to take it’s place. On the plus side the Beverley Treasure House has decided to publish some of the research in a book. I’ll make a point of letting people know when it’s available.

Below are some of the lives I have personally researched (all the rest are available to view in the Beverley Treasure House).

As you can see there are a lot of shared surnames, indeed many of them are related. Some are entire families of brothers. Even my own great grandfather, Herbert Blake, is there.

The amount of information available on each life varies. Some I found out an awful lot about, such as William Briggs (of Briggs and Powell), William Stainton (who went down with the Lusitania) and Joseph Herbert Speight Moore (who was at the end of the very heroic death of his battalion), but a few have little more than their medal indexes and perhaps a census entry.

I’m not certain on the copyright issue with the biographies so I’ve not added them to the blog but the full research and supporting documentation can be found at the Beverley Treasure House if you see a name you recognise. This list will be added to as I research more lives.

Douglas Arthur Baxter Clark

Capt. Neville Hobson

John Alexander Atkinson

George Wilfrid Tate

William Bugg

GW and AH Wilson

F. W. Worthington

Fred Sanderson

Harold Ramshaw

2nd Lt Ralph Snowden

Driver Arthur Fenton

Pte Charles Ralph Skinner

Driver Joseph Harold Pudsey

Ernest Ewen Foster

Pte Fred Brooks

Lce-Sgt Frederick Foxton Watson

Corpl George F Hunt

Sgt Henry (Harry) Priestman

Joseph Herbert Speight Moore

Pte Jesse Robinson

Pte John William Holliday

Pte John Riby Lowthorpe

Corporal Robert Lowthorpe

Pte William Lowthorpe

Mr William Stainton

Osborn Cecil Wilkinson

Lt Oscar James Addyman

L/Cpl Arthur Oldfield DCM

Pte Edgar Oldfield

Pte Frank Oldfield

Sgt George Oldfield

Trooper Harold Overton Oldfield

Pte Harry Oldfield

Pte Percy Frederick Carlton

Pte Herbert Blake

Pte Alfred Smith

Pte Alexander Robson

Pte Arthur Ernest Hobson

Pte Albert Charles Andrews

Pte George Matthew Evans

Pte Hubert Binnington

Pte Nor Metcalfe

Robert Arthur Pool

Reginald James Davis

Pte Sydney Harrison

Pte Tom Batty

Pte Vincent Harold Marson

Pte Walter Anderson

Driver Richard Edward Farnaby

Pte Richard Arthur Grantham

L/Cpl Richard William Sissons

Sapper Stanley Loft

Pte Joseph William Loft

Stoker Cyril George Foster

The Uncles Brothers – Charles, George and Thomas

Thomas William Middleton

Pte Thomas Lawson

Pte William Thompson

Pte William Hirst Briggs

Pte James Wilfred Robson